Sign of the Times

Eastern Ancient Gateway opening to Israel and staying open!

Isaiah 61:4Then they will rebuild the ancient ruins,They will raise up the former devastation’s;And they will repair the ruined cities,The desolation’s of many generations.

Five years ago this was a ruin, a military zone, sealed off to visitors, and by the grace of God we were able to prophesy annually at “The Crossing” until we see fruit of our labor and the Eastern Doorway swing open. In all the land there is not a site like this, the doorway and gateway to the promise land!

Get ready Church this is huge in the Spirit!

This Eastern gateway right across from Jericho on the river Jordan will be open all the time after the grand opening ceremony at the site on January 18th.

This is where Jesus Christ was baptized, heavens opened (and are still open) and the Holy Spirit came on Him like a dove in bodily form. The voice of the Father was heard. Joshua brought all of Israel across as the Jordan split open and they crossed on dry ground. Elisha crossed over here with a double portion of the Spirit.  An altar was built by the tribes here declaring that the Lord is their God.

The River has been opened now the bride moves onto Gilgal!

Project Gilgal

Joshua 4:19 - And the people came up out of Jordan on the tenth day of the first month, and encamped in Gilgal, in the east border of Jericho.

The Bible says on the east border of Jericho is where Israel camped and called it Gilgal. There are other Gilgal areas mentioned in the Word of God, but this one is next to one of the oldest synagogue in the world and Elisha springs. It is in view of the traditional site of the MT of temptation and Mt Nebo on the Jordan side behind it. We want to purchase and build a welcome place for the returning King on this land where King David reconciled with Judah.

The wedding hall our Church meets in has been sold, so we are moving into a center to use for a more suitable location. Please pray for us, the flock is being disciple’s and growing strong in the Lord. If you want to come help teach the Word to the Palestinians, come on!  What He began in the Spirit will come to completion. The enemy is terrified and continues to speak against the Lords work in Jericho, but his time is short and we are not leaving until we see the coming of the King…