Saturday, March 28, 2015


A messed up life and totally wore out by satan describes where Apostle Karen Dunham had come from. The Lord saved her and her son Blake from the clutches of the mafia 11 years ago, and she has followed Jesus Christ without looking back. From the deepest pit to a position in God is how she describes where the Lord has placed her today.

Karen Dunham first visited Israel around 10 years ago with Swansea Bible College on a governmental invitation. She was introduced to the city of Jericho (an off limits city for tourist) in 2002 on tour, then returned in 2003. She was told by a Jerusalem priest, “if you will feed these people [meaning the Palestinian refugees], ‘You will win the city for the Lord.” This was the sword of the Lord she ran with.

Against much oppression and advice Karen and her son Blake attempted to obtain housing in the city of Jericho where no one would rent to them. Later, they found one who would rent a house to them in a Palestinian refugee camp. So they moved inside the refugee camp. Karen and her son began distributing sacks of rice, along with full bibles. They began small meetings to teach the bible in her home, which grew to large weekly church services outside to hold the crowds. She received several death threats during this time…those coming to the weekly teachings had rocks thrown at them and were persecuted. They were bombed out of three separate homes, as well as, Karen’s car. They stayed and continued to help the poor, Gods love for the people told them no matter what happened they must stay.

Karen and KidsOngoing now in Jericho is many home educational centers learning about grace, peace, and truth.

In July of 2007 it was suggested to Living Bread to relocate their “corporate headquarter” from Jericho to Jerusalem, accepting an NGO* status and duplicate the work that they were doing in Jericho in all 27 refugee camps. This was a huge door opening of blessing for Living Bread and the poor. They are now meeting with officials and bringing Good News and aid in many cities and camps.

LeSEA Broadcasting took note of the “revival” that was occurring in Jericho and approached Karen about three years ago, suggesting that she begin a weekly television program. After a loss of all equipment, fires, and many trials came the birth of the Door of Hope television broadcast, which now broadcast to 133 nations within the 10-40 window, as well as, in Israel, West Bank, Australia, America and Europe. Pastor Karen knows the promise of God will always come for you. He promised and it will happen, even if the promise comes for you inside a refugee camp.

Living Bread is in many reconciliation projects through out the land and keeps an office in Gaza, Jerusalem and Jericho.  In United States the office is located in Cantonment.

Apostle and Director Karen Dunham loves God and knows He is the God of the helpless and the hopeless who can change any life into a pure stream of praise to Him.

Karen is a living testimony that anyone can do something for God that prays for a willing heart and obeys.

* = Non-Governmental Organization doing the work of government independently