Sunday, April 23, 2017

Jerusalem Update

Press Release

These same militants tried to beat me to death and left me in front of the church two years ago. When we saw them digging outside under the staff house and church they threatened us many times. I was a prisoner in the church for over 5 months. God did an amazing deliverance, we forgave them, and accepted their offer of peace, and things were quiet in that location.
The militants are back. They took all our corporate records, leases, personal items, musical instruments, camera and media equipment, and computers. They burnt our bibles and made fires.
Please pray for the militants. Once again we release unconditional forgiveness and ask the Lord to keep us in the love of Christ. This love helps us conquer all in these difficult times. Releasing love and forgiveness into those with hell in their hearts is His mandate.
Our eyes are on the King. We thank Him for letting us suffer and bring the ‘Good News’ of the Gospel.
Please visit us in our other location.
God bless you and thank you for your prayers and support,
Pastor Karen

Mission to Africa (Click photo to enlarge )